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Published: 18 Jul 2016

Eventmagazine.co.uk spoke to Jason Collins-Down at Creventive Ltd about what is involved in the role of a creative director

Jason Collins-DownJason Collins-Down, creative director, Creventive Ltd

Creative directors are responsible for developing creative event concepts and overseeing the creative process from conceptualization through to production. They may develop and design concepts for corporate events, live events and exhibitions according to their clients’ briefs and following their brand guidelines and communications strategies. They work closely with the project teams to prepare creative proposals and present them to clients.

Eventmagazine.co.uk spoke to Jason Collins-Down, creative director at Creventive Ltd, about his 16 years in the industry. He started his career by taking a work placement with an event sound supplier and this opened his eyes to a whole new world. He was amazed by the transformation of the most stunning museums and galleries by some of the leading event production companies. In 2015 he decided he wanted to start his own event production agency and that’s when Creventive Ltd was born.

Pushing boundaries

Collins-Down has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most brilliant creative directors in the industry and knew right from the beginning that the creative side of events is where he wanted to be. He told Eventmagazine.co.uk: “Creventive has given me the platform to express the vision of our clients and to satisfy my need for pushing the boundaries.”

Every event has a ‘wow factor’

He has organised a range of events including the Brit Awards After Party at the Tate Modern where he was in the gallery for approximately 25 hours without seeing daylight. He told Eventmagazine.co.uk that he can’t stand the phrase ‘wow factor’ because every event he produces has it.

Emotional roller-coaster

Asked whom he would switch places with in the industry if he could, Collins-Down told Eventmagazine.co.uk: “Everyone I meet in the industry inspires me, however, I assume they go on the same emotional rollercoaster when planning an event. So I wouldn’t trade unless it was with someone like Beyonce – she has a great life!”

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