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Published: 12 Jul 2016 By Eventmagazine.co.uk

Eventmagazine.co.uk spoke to Grace Barnett about what is involved in the role of a venue producer

Grace barnettGrace Barnett, venue producer, Fisher Productions

Venue producers are responsible for coordinating all aspects of venue hire for their clients’ events. They attend site meetings, make important phone calls, provide schedules and are in contact with the client all throughout the process of organising the event.

Eventmagazine.co.uk spoke to Fisher Productions' Grace Barnett about her role as a venue producer. Barnett started off by going to university and getting a history degree and later got offered the opportunity of being a receptionist at the Fisher Productions where she was able to gain experience and figured out what job she actually wanted to do: event production. She then worked her way up and is now a venue producer at Fisher Productions.

No such thing as standard working hours

Eventmagazine.co.uk reported that according to Barnett “there is no such thing as standard working hours in this industry”. She has to be very flexible with her timings as she may be needed at the venue at early hours in the morning and may need to stay there until late at night when the event is finished.

Good people skills are key

All venue producers have to work closely with their clients in order to ensure that all the criteria on the event brief is being met and that the event runs smoothly, therefore it’s essential for all venue producers to have good people skills.

No two days are the same

Barnett says that she loves the way that no two days are the same as she never knows what event or what client is coming her way. She also enjoys working in different venues and spaces and being able to “bring a client’s vision to life”.

A challenging role

The biggest challenges of being a venue producer are managing clients expectations especially if the budget is limited and another big challenge of the job is time pressure as everything has to be ready for the day of the event.

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