How to recruit event talent through social media

Published: 30 Apr 2015 By Nyasha Hernandez

Social media is playing an increasingly important role across all industries and is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. We talk to EventJobSearch recruitment expert, Emma Davis, about the best ways to use social media in the events recruitment sector and the challenges and benefits that come with it.


What role does social media have in the recruitment sector?

Social media is massively affecting the way recruiters approach potential candidates in the events industry; it has opened up a new way of engaging with candidates. Recruiters can now find top talent through LinkedIn and agencies have a platform to display their company values, and show how their agency is run. It’s basically providing a valuable digital network between recruiters and potential candidates.

How does social media benefit candidates?

When used correctly, social media as a recruitment tool becomes a place where candidates and recruiters can approach each other on a level playing field. Candidates can seek out more information on potential employers and determine whether it is the right place for them. In turn, recruiters can use social media to engage with top talent within and outside the events industry and can approach passive candidates.

Are there any other ways to recruit through social media?

Employers and recruiters should be engaging potential candidates by showing live events via social media - be it through live tweeting or video coverage. This way you are able to give candidates a look into what your company does and how you do it. It's a great way to build relationships between potential candidates, new audiences and followers.

What advice would you give those looking to recruit via social media for a small company?

There is a talent shortage in the events sector at the moment so smart recruiters are promoting themselves to universities to catch young talent before they even enter the marketplace. Engage with universities on Twitter and Linkedin and align yourself with events-related degrees. You could even start social media campaigns to recruit potential future candidates before they start applying for jobs so you’re at least front of mind for when they are ready to enter the workplace. Use a hashtag such as #CareersInEvents to make it easier for candidates to find you. Grow your network of followers organically by following key influencers in your industry and initiate conversations with them to build up a relationship over time. 

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And for larger networks and agencies?

Focus on becoming more aware of what other sectors in the event industry are doing - this will help you become more in-tune with the industry. If you work in a specialist area you should look to branch out into other specialist sectors, engaging over social media with experiential agencies or conferencing agencies to avoid getting stuck in your niche. This cross-sector communication will help your agency become better known within the industry, increasing your Klout - which will be beneficial, especially from a growing recruitment perspective.

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What challenges do event companies face when it comes to recruiting through social media?

It can be challenging to recruit candidates through platforms such as LinkedIn because candidates are now increasingly seeking out employers directly. They tend to look up a company’s LinkedIn profile to make sure it seems like somewhere they’d want to work first before approaching them proactively. Some event companies I've spoken to have said that they don’t always get favourable responses from candidates after posting job ads on Linkedin. What was once seen as a recruiter’s paradise for sourcing senior roles is becoming a place where younger generations are matching their profiles with potential employers themselves.

The size of an agency’s social network affects the influence of their social media presence, so if you only have a small social media community, you have to overcome the challenge of having a limited audience size that you can reach. You can however grow your network by ensuring you have an active daily presence on your social media accounts, post relevant content that will appeal to the events audience and showcase your expertise as an events agency.

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