Should you get a degree in Events?

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Amidst the rising popularity of careers in the events industry, we talk to Emma Davies, our EventJobSearch recruitment expert, about what universities have to offer young people who want to get an edge in this competitive marketplace.


What are universities doing to help people get into the events industry?

Universities are adapting to the influx of event career options that are becoming available with the industry’s growth, ensuring there are programmes and degrees that are readily accessible for those wanting to expand their options and go into the field of events with some experience and knowledge. It’s helping to ensure that young people are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in their events professions.

In line with the increase of assistant and production roles in the events industry, more degrees are focusing on these fields, primarily around event management. Candidates with degrees in these fields certainly have an advantage in the sector.

What benefits can an education focused on events offer?

Employers and recruiters are seeing degrees such as event management, production and hospitality, as an opportunity to get people who are interested in events careers into the industry early on.

Working in events is invigorating. Getting into the industry at a young age can be beneficial from the perspective of both an employee and an employer. The working hours in events can be long but ultimately rewarding as well as exciting. Careers in the events industry are fast paced, lively and sometimes a little unpredictable. Everyone is given a lot of responsibility from the get go. Entry level to assistant roles are expected to engage with potential delegates and sponsors, so universities prepare students by aligning their courses with placement opportunities.

Placement opportunities demonstrate the potential for a lot of transferable skills. Students have the opportunity to work within production companies, at festivals and have experience with different sectors, making them an attractive hire to employers.

However, a degree in events is not the only option for young people wanting to start their events careers


Top events agencies are looking to recruit talent outside of just the events industry, looking at the client bases they have, focused on their target audiences. Many are recruiting from specialist sectors - still focusing on events talent, but those with experience in pharmaceuticals, for example, could bring valuable knowledge to a role in health care events.

Recruiters don’t always necessarily look for candidates who have experience in the events industry per se, but those who have knowledge in a specific industry can be beneficial to a business. This is why we have seen a rise of recruiters seeking candidates with branding and marcomms experience, and sales managers moving towards the events industry - where digital skills are increasingly valued.

As the events industry broadens to cater for a wider variety of niche audiences, there is ultimately a need to bring in people with a range of degrees, experience and knowledge.

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