Why Having an Online Brand Matters Even For the Event Industry

Published: 05 Apr 2013 By Event Jobs

If you are looking to improve on your career in the events industry it has now become important to build up your own brand online. There are many online resources which allow managers and recruiters to find out about you and what talents and skills you can bring to the table. Social media is now being used to check for a positive online presence which all contributes to your overall online brand.

Online First Impressions

The average person these days has around 5 social media profiles which a future employer could use to form an impression about you. Some social media channels are used for personal use and others professional so make sure you are aware of what an interviewer can see. The professional social media profiles can be tailored for this purpose and used to sell your skill set and abilities in the work place. This can be the first impression they form about you before they have a chance to meet face to face or set up a telephone interview.

Try “Googling” Yourself

A great way to find out what others can see about you on the internet it to search for yourself in the search engines. Over 30% of employers have rejected a potential employee based on the information they found out from the internet.


If you want people to take your online presence seriously your activity needs to be regular and consistent across all platforms you have signed up for. This will really help capture event industry professional’s attention and it could lead to some great opportunities. Advances in technology have made it a great way to market yourself. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself from other similar names in the event industry as more and more people join social media.

Always think about how your social media activity will look to a future employer when applying for jobs in events.

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