London Business Conferences Group


London Business Conferences Group is a world-leading provider of research-led international business summits & digital B2B publications. Since 2005, LBCG has continually innovated the process of producing business events, enabling us to offer the most cutting-edge and relevant targeted business Summits in the world. Our core business model is based on in-depth, detail-oriented research and analysis for each Summit resulting in the superior content that has now become our trademark.

An LBC conference or information product offers real-world solutions to critical business challenges. Our topics have been extensively researched and analytically programmed.

Speakers and contributors are top-level decision makers and leaders in their fields, who wish to engage in meaningful discussion with delegates on important industry issues and trends.

Our knowledge banks contain best practice case studies, extensive technical briefings and information-rich videos; enabling extensive learning and benchmarking opportunities.

Our Content Brand portfolio provides enhanced benchmarking opportunities for our members in niche areas defined by job function and industry sector, including Drilling, Completions, Water Management and others.


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