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About Us

Trauma Treatment International (TTI) is a UK registered charity founded in 2017 by Dr Brock Chisholm, Dr Katy Robjant and Polly Rossdale, leading experts in the fields of human rights, trauma and organised violence.

Driven by the lack of specialist services for victims, and of evidence-based research in trauma treatment, they set out to improve access to trauma treatment for the survivors of collective violence.

Traumatic events account for 50 per cent of all mental health problems worldwide. Yet trauma treatment is rarely available. Most victims of trauma never get the help they need to recover, which has far-reaching consequences for their families, communities and the organisations that support them.


With support, love and hope, every trauma survivor is given the opportunity to recover and live a fulfilled life. Evidence shows that the most important things to help someone recover from a traumatic experience are social contact and safety and security.

There are not enough clinical psychologists in the world to provide therapy or treatment to the millions of people who are suffering from trauma. But when a traumatic event happens, it is possible for the victim to heal through the support of their social contacts, in a safe and secure place. We can all help the people around us to have improved mental health, and prevent them developing post-traumatic stress disorder. We can even help them heal from their trauma.

We believe that the best way to help others heal from trauma is to create societies that are trauma-informed.

All of TTI’s work is rooted in evidence-based best practice, carried out by a global network of clinical psychologists. This associate pool is made up of experts who are highly experienced in delivering trauma treatment through individual therapy, group support and community-based therapies.

Read more about career paths with TTI and find out how to join our associate pool here.

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