About Us

Our core values

We have strong and well-defined values which govern how we go about our business. 

We will deliver on promises, and everyone we deal with will get genuine, honest feedback. We pledge to be highly ethical in all that we do. 

We derive genuine satisfaction from helping someone land the right job. We actually like what we do, which makes a huge difference. 

Successful recruitment is not about taking the easy route. In fact, we snub our noses at the easy route. Perfect matchmaking is rarely easy (unless corners are cut) and usually requires a concerted effort to find the right person for the right job. 

Our ethos

While profit is important to us, as it is for any business, we are not motivated by chasing money. We believe that providing an outstanding service will bring monetary rewards for everyone concerned.

Having done it for many years, we know about talent spotting, building and running teams and people development. And our training background also means we understand the qualities and skills required to be successful in business.

We have built a reputation for treating candidates with the utmost respect and sensitivity, and this allows us access to a large number of talented individuals in the media, event and information industries. It also means that we have become the first stop for a wide range of employers.