Who We Are

The Senior Team

Charles Fletcher 

Charles cut his teeth selling advertising to expat bar owners in Tenerife before moving into sales roles. His first foray into recruitment happened in 1997 when he was co-founder of Fletcher Schlaefli Media. After six years building a very successful business, the world called, and there followed a year-long globe trot culminating with a fairly big rugby match in Sydney in 2003.

After a three-year stint as Sales Director at WBR, the international conference organiser, Charles started Fletcher Recruitment Solutions, and is now spearheading the 'Grand Expansion'.

Email: charles@fletcherrecruitmentsolutions.co.uk 

Mike Gwynn 


Mike took the classic route through the advertising sales ranks before becoming launch Publisher of Property Week in 1994. He then ran his own sales and management training company for four years before moving back into the corporate world with senior international sales and marketing roles at Jane's Information Group and ITE.

Mike joined Charles in early 2011 to help fuel the company's expansion.

Email: mike@fletcherrecruitmentsolutions.co.uk 

Louise Cooke 

Louise is the hub around which everything revolves. And she's been doing that for organisations in the UK and the US for more years than she cares to admit. If you need to know anything about us or our clients, Louise is a great place to start - and we guarantee you will enjoy the conversation.

Email: louise@fletcherrecruitmentsolutions.co.uk